An Entirely Alien Approach

Sleeping Beauty

...... Melynnda handed him the last box. "That gift-wrap on top is a present from the staff. I already thanked them for you."
...... Driver put the box in the back of the vehicle. "Shame I had to miss the party, but I suppose someone had to close up the field operations." He shut the gate. "Which reminds me, we'll need to budget for a nice wedding gift."
...... "Who?" She looked back at the open door of the office building. "That place seems deserted already. The lawyer is finishing up with the lease and transferring the keys."
...... "I've never seen this parkinglot so empty," he agreed. "Max has taken a job with a big car dealership, selling trucks and vans."
...... "He'll be good at that," she decided, shifting from one foot to the other.
...... Driver swung at a single snow flake which drifted by. "In Williamsville," he added.
...... "Oh, really," she slowly stated. "Then I guess we'd best be prepared." They both turned, as a pickup pulled in beside them.
...... "I didn't know if anyone would be here, but I was in the area," Irwin called from the driver's seat.
...... "In an hour, no one will be," she explained, walking over. "The realtor is taking possession right now."
...... "Then it's really done," Irwin said. He opened the door and stepped out.
...... "For us it is," Driver allowed. "There'll always be a skeleton crew to watch things. Eternal vigilance, and all that." He held out his hand. "Been nice working with you, Dave."
...... "Jay has a job as an applied research scientist," she advised. "And I'm going to be a housewife."
...... "Until she gets bored," he added.
...... Irwin shook hands. "Lee Nabusho is office manager at a site which I audit. So I'll be seeing him in the future."
...... "He'll have our new address, as soon as we know what it is," she offered.
...... Two men left the building, locked the door, and walked to their cars. One of them waved, and she waved back.
...... "Time to go," she announced.
...... Irwin shook hands again. "Good luck to you both." He climbed back into his pickup and started the engine but waited a few moments.
...... With a final wave from the open window, the blue Jeep Liberty bounced down the driveway and vanished around the corner.

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